Frequently Asked Questions

What is WANT jobs?

We are a screening service for employers and potential employees. We are a connector – we focus on getting the most suitable employees for employers, and the best jobs for the right candidates (jobseekers). Think Seek and Tinder combined!

I am WANTING Staff

Are you a recruiter or a recruitment company?

NO WAY. All we do is:

  • Ask you what you WANT as an employer.
  • Ask possible staff what they WANT from their employer.
  • Then, we work to find the best match for the employer and employee.
    • You (the employer) offer the job and take care of all the employment paperwork.
    • Our job is to make sure the right person turns up for the interview.
What is the difference between you and a recruiter?

We do not charge % of wages or charge like a wounded bull.

Our service is simple: we get the right people to turn up to interview.

I am WANTING staff - What does this process involve, exactly?
    • Contact us. We come out to meet you (screen) and you tell us what you want in an employee. We search our database for appropriate candidates.
    • Once you decide who you want to see, we make the connection and let them know you are interested.
    • If they say yes to an interview, you get their contact details.
    • If they say no, you’ll get a ‘thanks, but no thanks.
Why do you screen me as an employer?
    • It sounds really official, but we want to make sure that we know exactly what you WANT and need in your potential employees. We aim to connect you to the right people.
How much does it cost?
    • Between $44 and $66 per month (GST inclusive) when you sign up for a 12-month subscription.
    • Our $44 per month for 12 months is a limited offer
    • 36 connections* per annum (*What is a connection? See below)
Why a subscription model?
    • The subscription works as a ‘set and forget’ for you as the client. In the hospitality industry, staff resignations are often unexpected and unpredictable. We aim to work as an ‘on-demand’ service for you over the 12-month period if/when a staff member leaves. This means you can contact us anytime over the 12-month period for up to 36 connections with potential employees.
    1. You can either search the WANT database or we recommend someone to you, and you say I WANT to connect, you tell us.
    2. We then contact the jobseekers in question and let them know you are interested. We only give limited information to them (such as the venue, suburb and style of venue).
    3. If they say they WANT to meet, we then provide you both with each other’s details.
    4. That is a CONNECTION……

Let’s talk about some other scenarios

What if they say they do not want to connect?

No connection is made – this will not be taken off your 36 connections allowed per year.

What if I meet them and I do not WANT to employ them?

This is still a used connection and will be counted as such (i.e., subtracted from the allocated 36 connections/year).

This is always a risk, as you never know if the potential employee will be a good fit until you meet them.

What if I meet them, employ them and they don’t come to work?

We are a reasonable bunch so if it doesn’t work out for any reason, we are very happy to reuse the already used connection for you. We understand that sometimes new employees can pull the wool over all our eyes! Please contact us and we’ll be happy to chat and work something out on a case-by-case basis.

How do I know who is out there looking for work?
    • We have a list of pre-screened candidates WANTing work. This list is ever-changing, so we send out regular updates to employers.
    • We will also send you email alerts on any new candidates that we may think are perfect for you. We will frequently be in contact!
As an employer, how do I sign up?
  • Contact us and we will come out to meet you.
  • We will gather some extra details, ask you to sign a ‘Staff Screening Service Agreement’ and have a chat about your business, your staffing requirements and what you are looking for.
What if I only WANT a single staff member?

Please contact us. We are happy to discuss this on a case-by-case scenario.

I am WANTING to work

How much does it cost for me looking for a job?

Nothing! This service is completely free for job seekers at any level – from school leavers looking for their first job, to those with years of hospitality experience.

How do I apply?
  • Go to the ‘WANTing to work’ page on this website and fill out the application form.
  • Once this form is filled out, we will contact you. Please make sure your email and mobile number are correct!
  • We will ask all candidates to come and meet with us at Coffee Commune in Bowen Hills.
Do I need to send in my resume?

No, thanks! We don’t worry about resumes. All the information we need is on the application form you fill out.

What happens when we meet for the screening meeting?
  • It is a quick chat to get to know you!
  • We want to know what you are looking for and your experience (no worries if you have none yet!). We may also do a skills test (see below).
What do you mean by a ‘skill test’?
  • This is all part of the screening process. For instance, if you tell us, you can make coffee, we will ask you to make a few coffees for us. If you tell us, you are a chef, then we want to see what your knife skills are like.
  • These skill tests are very casual (no pressure!). We just want to see where you’re at to make sure that we connect you to the right job and employer.
Then what happens?
  • We add your information to our database.
  • We only tell the employer:
    • Your first name
    • Suburb you live in
    • Whether you have your own car or rely on public transport
    • Your skills (as per skill test)
    • What type of place/employment you are looking for
      • Front-of-house (e.g., serving, on the floor) or back-of-house (in the kitchen)
    • No personal information (e.g., mobile number, email address) is released to any 3rd party (i.e., an employer) until you give your consent via text or email.
    • Please see our privacy policy for details
As a potential job candidate, how does it work?

If an employer likes what they see from the limited information we make available (see above), they ask us to ask you if you WANT to meet with them.

  • If you say yes, then we send over your contact details, and you get theirs.
  • We provide your mobile and email address only.


Phone 0422 450 625